Website Copywriting (The Complete Guide)

Business equates to competition, so providing a high-quality product or service is not the only important key to success. Marketing and selling matter, too. For this reason, businesses should consider the benefits of engaging a website copywriting service company to assist them with company growth.

What is Web Copywriting?

Web copywriters connect with a business’s target audience to persuade them to purchase the business’s product or service and become repeat customers. Copywriters conduct heavy research into your business, whether technical or not, and use that research to create copywriting content relevant to helping your consumers make purchasing decisions. Web copywriting companies essentially create content optimized for search engines to increase exposure and profitability for your business.

Website Content Copywriting Process

Copywriters use a lengthy step-by-step process to create website content, which serves as an incentive for companies to outsource website content copywriting services. Steps taken by copywriters to create top-notch website content include:

Before a copywriter begins creating content for your website, they need to have a thorough understanding of what your goals are. Your website copywriting service provider can help determine the overarching goal for your business’s content needs and evaluate the best platforms to distribute your content for optimum results. Copywriters can also get to know your ideal customer and develop different tones and writing styles to appeal to varying audiences.

This step of website content copywriting is multifaceted. First, the copywriter researches the type of industry your business operates in to understand the level of competition, who your customers are, and whether unique factors exist that can affect your business, such as the seasonal sales of Christmas trees.

Second, the copywriter researches your business. For instance, they might learn your company’s philosophy and mission, what type of people work for your company, and your short- and long-term goals. Understanding what makes up your business allows the copywriter to convey your business’s personality and values through word choice and tone to create personalized and targeted website content.

Every business is different. And content strategies vary deeply. Customers need varying levels of persuasion when making certain purchasing decisions, and an excellent copywriter will know how to use the appropriate measure of written influence to your company’s advantage.

For instance, website copywriters can appeal to consumers’ emotions when selling various products and services to create brand awareness, establish trends and loyalty, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Creating an outline has numerous benefits. It allows the copywriter to create an overall picture of their content plan for your business. Further, it enables the website copywriter and you to catch any errors or shortcomings made during the research and strategy development phases and correct them before moving forward.

Once the writer creates the skeleton (i.e., outline), it becomes time to fill it in. This content will make up your website’s substance and be the catalyst for persuading your consumers to do business with you, so this step of the process is essential. A copywriter should have fun with this and use it as a canvas to tell your customers a story about who you are and what you’re selling, and why they should become your buyer.

If a website copywriting piece is beautifully crafted but has grammatical errors or sends the wrong message, it defeats the purpose. Worse, it can turn the customer away and keep them from giving their business to your company. A website copywriter should thereby revise and repeatedly check their work when developing content for your website. These editing tasks should mostly be complete (other than changes you might subsequently request) before submitting a final draft to you.

A web copywriter’s job doesn’t end with the send-off of content. It’s up to the copywriting service to ensure satisfaction with website copywriting content and revise as necessary. Website copywriting service providers also promote the content after it’s written using strategies that benefit your business. Lastly, your copywriting service’s responsibility is to continue providing you with relevant and valuable content for your website via blog and other writing services to keep your audience engaged.

Examples of Great Website Copywriting

Finding high-quality copywriting services for your website is not easy, but it’s completely doable with some company research and understanding of your content goals. It helps to meet with different copywriting services companies and ask for samples of their work. Examples of excellent web copy include:

  • Content that is direct, clear and concise (i.e., there shouldn’t be any confusion about where you’re at and what’s going on when you visit a company’s website)
  • Well-established brand (i.e., consistency)
  • Answers to the audience’s questions
  • Connection to the target customer (i.e., appeal to their emotions and make your copy timely and relevant)
  • Balance of benefits versus features
  • Well-researched and unique content (i.e., helpful, relatable and trustworthy information)
  • Copy backed by authoritative data and statistics
  • Easy-to-read format (e.g., short paragraphs, shortened sentences, visuals to break up heavy content, etc.)
  • Prominent call-to-action (CTA), so your customers know exactly what to do next

Second Eclipse creates stellar copywriting content, such as the language, tone and format found in the following article: “What is B2B Sales? The Ultimate Guide.” The writing is clear, concise, easy-to-follow, informative and actionable, so what you’re looking for is what you get.

website copywriting for b2b sales

Other examples of companies that effectively implement the concepts mentioned above to create compelling and well-done web copy that churns positive results include:

Snowbird Ski Resort Website Copywriting Example

This adventure-packed location proved that it understood its fan base when it marketed to the thrillseekers with its one-star review homepage coupled with a simple yet effective slogan branding Snowbird as “the most misunderstood ski resort in the world.”

This former monk transformed into a major online influencer knows how to deliver content to his audience. Shetty’s web copy is unique, powerful and interactive. It’s also spread across various channels and formats to appeal to his audience’s diverse demographics and reach a broader fan base by meeting them where they’re at and not waiting for them to find him. 

This action camera manufacturer allows its users to help sell the product for them. GoPro gets its audience involved, using their videos and photos taken on their GoPro cams to continue marketing the product. They bring a whole new meaning to the Latin phrase “res ipsa loquitur,” or “the thing speaks for itself.”

Spotify content writing example

This music streaming platform is all about getting personal with its listeners. Their website keeps it simple, but its copy reaches beyond the web to re-engage its users with customized campaigns (such as its “Wrapped” campaign) that remind them why they’re loyal to the tunes provider. 

  • Grammarly

This grammar and spelling tool used by students, scholars, content writers and other professionals everywhere wanting to create flawless essays and articles relies on user feedback via auto-surveys and machine learning (tracking common errors) for self-improvement. The app also strives to help its users improve their writing skills with teaching blogs, explanations accompanying corrections and weekly progress reports. 

Headspace website copywriting on home page

This mediation and wellness app uses fun and consistent design elements to make mental health and mindfulness friendly and engaging. Its step-by-step content also makes it easy for users to follow along. Overstressed, hardworking and exhausted individuals live by the app’s video content and blog space named The Orange Dot for greater self-discipline, increased confidence and more peace. The brand visually reflects these ideals across its written web existence. 

This Swedish mega furniture retailer is continuously aware of its customers’ roadblocks (mostly time) and structures its marketing accordingly to alleviate those problems. Its blog, aptly called IKEA Ideas, is designed to save its audience time by offering quick tips for increased productivity and better, more organized living boosted by its many seemingly supportive products. 

Website Copywriter Best Practices

A copywriter engages in several critical practices when copywriting a website, including creating eye-catching headlines, using a well-formatted structure that is easy for readers to follow, and using customer research to your advantage. The last point includes determining what keywords and search methods your customers use to query about products or services and using them in web copywriting content. In other words, web copywriters must decide what words and distribution channels can best help your ideal customers find you. 

Key Takeaways

Copywriting websites, when done the right way, can change the way you do business online. Creating effective web copy is a process that takes time, knowledge and skill to implement correctly. Great web copy can increase your website traffic, get visitors to linger longer and ultimately lead to more conversions. 

Let an expert copywriting website content creator take the reins to market your business’s brand and product or service so that you can focus on more pressing business matters. An expert web copywriter will be comfortable tackling the entire copywriting process from the initial meeting, subsequent research and idea creation to content writing, editing and promotion. 

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