What Makes B2B Marketing Unique?

What Makes B2B Marketing Unique?

Business to business marketing, commonly known as B2B marketing involves marketing one organization’s services or merchandise, including SaaS, to other companies. It consists of the marketing efforts between companies, rather than marketing strategies by a company to the general public.

With 81 percent of customers starting their buying journey with a google search, it is more important than ever for B2B marketers to hone their SEO strategies.  Some of the strategies they can use include the creation of quality content, acquisition of organic backlinks, use of natural language and much more. Let’s take a closer look at the uniqueness of B2B marketing:

Difference Between B2B & B2C Marketing

End consumers typically purchase services or products from companies. Most effective Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing strategies use emotional arguments, broad targeting, and simple messaging to drive sales.

A B2B marketing process is quite different and unique. Most businesses are more analytical about any purchase decisions. Companies are usually less keen on keeping up with fads – instead, they value what enhances productivity and reduces waste.

There are also multiple decision-makers to convince within a business. Relying on factual data is critical to effectively make your case. And because the sales cycle for B2B is usually longer than B2C, businesses have a lot more opportunities to share essential information and build lasting relationships for the future.

Having a robust B2B strategy is critical if you want to ensure your company can effectively deal with other businesses. Creating a successful B2B strategy requires lots of planning and proper execution which is why you can’t leave it at the hands of just any marketing agency. You need to partner with a firm that specializes in B2B marketing to ensure your company can stand out in the already crowded modern marketplace.

Why B2B Marketing is Unique

Here are some of the key reasons why business to business marketing is unique:

Ideal Customer Profiles

An ideal customer profile describes and captures the business that would benefit the most from your products or services and offer benefits to you. The profile should define a company currently facing a challenge that could be solved by adopting your core product or service. This profile allows you to focus your marketing efforts more effectively with actionable tactics, including the following:

  • Identify target accounts and decision-makers.
  • Create more effective lead generation campaigns.
  • Customize content and visuals to your audience.


Webinars are an essential part of any B2B marketing strategy as they offer relevant information that addresses the most prominent issues your prospects are facing. They not only establish your company’s expertise in that area, but also builds your reputation, enhances your online visibility and boost your brand awareness as well. Webinars typically require more time commitment from your audience, which means that your attendees value your content and are keen on engaging with it. 

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing is a type of B2B marketing where sales and marketing resources are directed to nurturing and engaging specific target accounts. It may be to protect and grow existing business accounts or get new leads from particular accounts. ABM is focused on explicitly targeting and developing key accounts. This strategy involves identifying multiple stakeholders and decision-makers in order to build awareness for your company within the targeted accounts.

Multiple Decision Makers

The other reason why B2B marketing is unique is that you are targeting multiple decision-makers of another business, each with unique agendas and expertise. These decision-makers are typically involved at varying stages of a sales funnel. This means that B2B marketers should always tailor their messages to different types of decision-makers to ensure everyone involved understands the value of the products or services. 

The Importance of Nurturing

Leads are essential for B2B transactions, however, not all leads are created equal! Nurturing those leads and building a lasting relationship is far more critical than merely generating new leads. Well nurtured leads help you to generate more sales at lower costs per lead, leading to a higher ROI on your marketing efforts and more opportunities for your sales representatives.

Why Partner with a B2B Marketing Agency

B2B marketing’s complexity means that you should work with B2B professionals. You need effective B2B marketing strategies that are industry-specific and will enhance your sales and overall profits.

An experienced and reputable B2B marketing agency with experience developing and executing content strategy will drive targeted traffic to your products or services while nurturing leads to increase sales and sustain business growth.

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