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Business-to-business (B2B) companies commonly hear the term search engine optimization (SEO) and might even encounter B2B SEO agencies that offer SEO-related services. Still, business owners might not understand the benefits of B2B SEO or know just how B2B SEO consulting can help them reach their business goals.  

So, what can SEO services do to enhance your B2B company website, and how can B2B SEO experts help you grow your business?

In short, this three-letter acronym packs a powerful punch when it comes to your B2B company’s ability to reach potential and existing customers. Statistics prove the immense influence that search engine optimization (SEO) has on a B2B company’s reach:

  • Most B2B researchers (71%) start their research with a generic search online. 90% of B2B researchers online use search specifically to research business purchases. 
  • 89% of B2B researchers use the internet to gather information about purchases. 90% of them use search engines to do so. Google (as of January 2021) has 70.42 % of the search engine market share.
  • B2B brands that create blog content regularly generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. 

These statistics show the importance of SEO for B2B business, and a 2018 B2BMarketingZone study found that companies know this: 45% of enterprises are investing more than $20,000 on SEO each month.

SEO for Specific B2B Company Challenges

B2B companies face many challenges concerning lead generation and content marketing. Many businesses also struggle to figure out how SEO fits into their overall B2B marketing strategy.

Lead generation refers to how a business attracts prospects and converts them to customers. Lead generation stimulates interest in your company’s product or service, making it a crucial aspect of running a B2B company. Still, many B2B companies have ineffective or overly complex lead generation processes that don’t accomplish what they need. 

Content marketing is another effective way to attract and retain an audience and distinguish your product or service. It can be challenging for B2B companies to generate engaging and relevant content consistently. Additionally, a report on content marketing from the International Data Corporation (IDC) divulged that companies fail to use up to 80% of marketing-generated content. That means most marketing assets aren’t serving any real purpose. The same report stated that companies could save as much as 20% of their total sales and marketing budgets using more effective content marketing techniques.

A B2B SEO expert can help.

SEO can have an immense impact on lead generation and is easily one of the most effective methods for acquiring new leads. Lead generation focuses on expanding the number of clients your business attracts, and SEO focuses on increasing relevant web traffic. In an age where potential clients are widely using the internet to find products and services, SEO is a powerful complement to lead generation efforts. By driving organic traffic to your website, SEO propels awareness among potential clients.

The same benefits of SEO apply to content marketing. An effective SEO strategy—utilizing high-quality content, targeting the right audience, and ranking for the best search terms—can take your content marketing to the next level.

SEO professional

Best of all, SEO benefits accumulate over time, making it a unique asset that becomes more effective months and years after creating and optimizing content.

B2B SEO Companies are Not Created Equal

Using SEO as a significant part of your business model is proven to be effective for enhancing any B2B marketing strategy. Still, SEO solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and SEO service providers are also not equal. Second Eclipse is unique, distinguishing itself from the competition in the following ways:

  • Our SEO team is entirely US-based.
    Our entire SEO, content, and link-building team are based in the US exclusively. Some SEO companies focus on website design or another singular aspect of search engine optimization, necessitating outsourcing to carry out other SEO-related tasks. Our team’s skillset spans the entire process, including strategy, content creation, link building, and the more technical aspects of SEO. We don’t outsource our work off-shore. When working with us, you’ll speak directly to our team members working on your project.
  • We have years of diverse experience.
    Our team brings decades of experience doing both in-house and agency SEO. We have garnered expertise from an assortment of companies, tackling various nuances that come with each unique assignment, project, client, or task. Having a team of experts who have worked with different brands and agencies provides diversity in our approach, perspective, and mindset, coming together to put forward the most optimal plan for you and your business.
  • We will get you provable results.
    We have directly helped companies increase their web traffic and expand their clientele.

B2B SEO Consulting

SEO is a marketing strategy that anyone on the internet can benefit from, but how do you ensure your SEO strategy is the best for your B2B business goals? In theory, companies would implement B2B and B2C SEO in the same way. In reality, SEO for B2C and B2B aims to target vastly different audiences. B2B SEO focuses on reaching decision-makers within companies—perhaps CEOs looking to expand their marketing mix or marketing managers needing the specialized skills that come with hiring an experienced B2B SEO agency. So, even though search algorithms don’t technically treat B2C and B2B SEO differently, B2B SEO strategy is very different in practice. A B2B SEO consultant knows how to apply the best practices for your B2B business.

The first step to creating an effective plan with measurable results is an SEO audit, where our experts analyze the current practices of your business and your existing web presence. Auditing is how a B2B SEO company can understand what’s currently working for them, what’s not, where the opportunity for improvement exists, and your competitors’ strengths.

There are two major components to an effective B2B SEO audit: on-site and off-site auditing.

On-Site: Content and Technical Auditing

On-site SEO is about the structure and content of the website. 

Content auditing evaluates the current value of your content, answering questions, including:

  • Is the content fulfilling its purpose?
  • Is your content written in a way favorable to search algorithms?
  • Does the content integrate the most relevant keywords your intended audience is searching?
  • Are your title tags, description tags, and heading tags optimized for your target keywords and audience?
  • Is image alt-text optimized to help the content rank high?
Page speed test

Technical auditing assesses your website’s technical back-end details that influence how a search algorithm judges web pages. Technical auditing examines the following:

  • How many pages are currently indexed by search engines
  • If your robots.txt file is impacting indexing
  • The unification of your site domain and any variant URLs
  • If you have any broken internal and external links
  • If your site is secure with HTTPS
  • How mobile-friendly your site is
  • How quickly your pages load
  • Other details we know impact your SEO, such as the number of links on each page or having keywords in the URL

Off-Site: Backlink Auditing

Off-site SEO factors impacting your SEO scores occur off your website. Major search engines value sites having a significant amount of quality relevant inbound links from other websites, especially if the external websites are highly respected. Off-site SEO is about positioning your site’s promotion to show you have good content based on others referring and linking to you.

We have tools to look into your website’s backlink profile and determine how it compares to your competitors. Backlinking audits do the following:

  • Examine your backlink acquisition rate over time
  • Find any negative SEO attacks on your site from an influx of spammy backlinks
  • Identify Google-prohibited spammy or purchased links within your link profile
  • See if there are wasted backlinks that need fixing
  • Evaluate the quality of sites that backlink to your website
  • Determine commonalities between backlinks to understand why people are linking to your website

What Does a B2B SEO Consultant Do?

A B2B SEO consultant analyzes and reviews all the significant and seemingly minute factors that influence your site’s SEO and provides expert advice and guidance on how your business can further increase organic search engine traffic. Guidance is multi-pronged:

  1. A consultant can offer a comprehensive audit covering all components—from structural to content to design—that affect your SEO visibility. A B2B business can fill in any gaps and support its strengths with a comprehensive view of its website’s current state.
  2. The consultant can also make the audit easy to understand. There are many technical facets and moving parts to SEO issues; an SEO consultant will work with your business to clearly explain all aspects of SEO so you can easily and effectively connect SEO strategies to your business goals.
  3. Finally, an SEO consultant provides actionable steps for your business to take based on all the information analyzed. SEO auditing involves a lot of data, none of which means anything without understanding what you can do to improve your numbers. You can rely on an expert to lay out a roadmap with a clear path to completion and projected impact. This SEO expert can also track your progress with continued measuring and reporting on essential KPIs.

Does your B2B company need an SEO consultant? Hiring a consultant is a good option if you have a team that can execute recommendations, but you still need a solid strategy to guide them.

What Exactly is B2B SEO?

SEO is not an abstract, magical concept. Polishing a website to rank higher on search engines is a systematic process involving four main components:

# Component Description
1 SEO Strategy SEO strategy is the game plan for your website. Your B2B SEO agency will play a large part in designing and implementing the strategy to improve your website's rankings.
2 High-Quality Content Creation Unique, high-quality content is critical. You need content that provides visitors a good user experience. Our experts can help ensure you do not have mass-produced, unfocused content.
3 Link Building and Digital PR Using these two methods can significantly increase awareness of your business. Generating links to your sites is one of the most influential and difficult-to-achieve SEO maneuvers to improve your site's rank. Digital PR uses other mediums, such as influencer outreach, building relationships with media sites, networking and social media to broaden your reach.
4 Technical Optimization In addition to making your website easy and valuable to read, it's also important that it's easy for search engine crawlers to understand. Improving the technical aspects of your site can help improve its ranking.

How Does B2B SEO Work?

Let’s break down how SEO works to help your sales.

SEO aims to increase your site’s position on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines have automated software called “spiders” that crawl the web, visiting web pages. These spiders access and evaluate your website’s content and technical optimization and add correctly optimized pages to the search engine’s index, cataloging, and ranking pages in the order that buyers will see them.

There are hundreds of ranking factors involved in the complex algorithm that ranks pages, including:

  • Beneficial purpose
  • Page quality: EAT (“Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness”)
  • Authoritative high-impact content: YMML (“Your Money or Your Life”)
  • Bounce rates

B2B SEO Experts

Mastering SEO is challenging, a truth compounded by Google continually changing the search algorithm it uses to index content. Google regularly updates its algorithm, making it a feat to track changes and implement new strategies as quickly as needed. SEO experts are wholly committed to knowing about algorithm updates and implementing needed changes quickly. 

Expert B2B SEO agencies can also analyze a business website’s performance and evaluate your competitors’ strategy to offer and implement proper B2B SEO strategies to show a healthy ROI (“Return on Investment”).

A highly-qualified and experienced B2B SEO expert should demonstrate their expertise with years of past success and up-to-date knowledge of the latest SEO techniques. Stellar B2B SEO services have a team of experts who can provide flexible strategies customized to each client.

Key Takeaways

SEO is crucial for B2B companies. It’s also complex, with hundreds of variables. SEO experts can be a decisive investment for your business to make sure you formulate and implement the most effective SEO strategy for your company’s short- and long-term success. 

With extensive experience in B2B SEO projects, our team at Second Eclipse can help you implement best practices to drive relevant traffic to your website. Get in touch with Second Eclipse to learn about creating and implementing strategy, content, and distribution plans to get you more qualified leads and optimize your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have questions before you get started. We are here to get you answers.

How long it takes for your newly implemented SEO strategy to get results relies on a multitude of factors specific to your business, including: (1) your competition, (2) inbound links, and (3) the value of your content. Unfortunately, this means we can only answer with “it depends.” Though, Google provides an estimate ranging from 4 months to a year for implemented improvements to yield benefits.

See the section “B2B SEO Companies are not all created equal” for some detailed points about expertise and experience. Professional reputation aside, look to partner with an agency that is a good fit for your business. Do they match the profile of your business? Do you genuinely enjoy working with them? Are they relatable? Do they understand the specific needs of your business? Will they provide you with a voice in the process? These and many other questions related to suitability and compatibility are important factors to consider before hiring a B2B SEO company.

SEO services for B2B websites include several different processes necessary to optimize your individual web pages or the website overall. Experts can help you decide on the right mix of SEO services specific to your business needs.

B2B companies increasingly exist online and are heavily influenced by search engines. Increasing your rank on the internet is more important than ever if you want your target audience to find you. If you aren’t reaching your ideal customer, you’re likely missing out on potential sales. A detailed SEO audit can highlight specific problem areas and methods that will work best for your B2B business’s ongoing success.

In short, B2B companies target different audiences, have different goals, and require different SEO strategies. A B2B SEO expert can best meet the needs of your B2B business.